Tue, Apr 20 2010
Posted by cw8

it's true, after 11 amazing years, we're callin it quits. but fear not, you've got 3 more chances to catch us...

THURSDAY APR. 22nd @ Waterloo Records, 6pm, FREE BEER!
SATURDAY APR. 24th @ Emo's (inside), doors at 8pm
FRIDAY APR. 30th in PENSACOLA, FL @ The Ready Room

if you haven't already, check out our new record, "THE SMITH TOWER", available for purchase on iTunes, and at www.cruiserweightmerch.com

there are no words to express how much all of this has meant to us. we want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of you, the fans, for making it all worth it. we've met so many amazing people and made so many great friends in the last 11 years... and we're honored to have gotten to write and perform songs that meant something to you. hope to see you all out for the last three shows!

love, cruiserweight.


Fri, Feb 12 2010

that's right! we finally have an official release date for our new album, "THE SMITH TOWER".... MARCH 9th!!!

pssst, wanna hear a secret? if you want to get your hands on a copy sooner, than come to our CD release show! March 5th @ EMOS we will be celebrating our new release, and of course, selling them to you for your listening pleasure.

until then, come visit us on myspace and/or facebook to have a listen to one of our new songs, "Bones".


stuff and things and awesomeness!

Tue, Oct 13 2009
Posted by dave

we are pleased to officially announce that we are recording a new album!

we don't have an album title just yet, but i can tell you that its gonna be somewhere in the ballpark of 11 songs, all brand-spankin new. is it lame to toot your own horn about stuff like this? screw it, i'm doin it anyways. we are madly in love with our new songs, and hope you fine cruiser-fans out there will be too. keep checking back with us over the next month or two for details.

since we know you all are doing your CW8 homework everyday, you're already aware that we have the pleasure of playing at THE FEST in Gainesville, FL on Halloween weekend. the new news is that we just added a show in our home away from home, Pensacola, FL on the way out there! scoot on over to the "tour" section for the details.

and finally, a huge thanks to everyone who rocked out with us at the TXRD Cavello Cup bout last saturday, we had a blast! no thanks to Wicked Celtics for sleeping with our girlfriends (and boyfriend).

the FEST in Gainesville, FL!... etc.

Thu, Aug 13 2009
Posted by dave-a-tron

we're happy to announce that we'll be playing THE FEST in Gainesville, FL this year!!! for those of you who don't know, the FEST is an entire weekend of amazing punk bands from all over... and we're totally stoked to be a part of it this year. click your way on over to the tour section to get the details...

we've also just added a show here in Austin at Red Eyed Fly with our good friends Driver F, so go give that a look see.

hopefully we'll be playing some shows to/from THE FEST, so check back with us soon.


Mon, Aug 03 2009
Posted by honey mustard hawkins

thanks Austin for an amazing show last saturday night. we had a crazy good time. send us pictures if you got 'em!

long timey no talky!

Mon, Jul 06 2009
Posted by dave-a-tron

hey everyone! sorry we haven't posted news in a while. we've been busy doing the things we do... like ya know... kicking ass... and possibly taking names. just posted some shows in HOUSTON, CORPUS, and AUSTIN... check 'em out!

Shows with LETTERS TO CLEO!!!!

Thu, Apr 09 2009
Posted by dave

aw yeah....

we're playing 3 shows with our good friends and most favoritest band ever, LETTERS TO CLEO! you don't wanna miss this. check out the tour section for the details.....

SXSW!!!... and other shows

Tue, Mar 17 2009
Posted by dave

just posted a bunch of shows.... and there will be more to follow! if you're enjoying all of the amazing music and freeness of SXSW this week, come see us play at The Beauty Bar on SAT afternoon, 1:30pm. we'll drink Sparks, then go see the Thermals, and then do cannonballs. its a date!


Austin Music Awards 2009

Thu, Jan 29 2009
Posted by urny

hey all!

cruiserweight has just hit a big milestone in its lifetime. we have officially been a band for 10 years! craziness, i know! to celebrate the past 10 wonderful years and all the hard work and good times we'd like to bust our way back into the Austin Music Awards this year. We are extremely proud of BIG BOLD LETTERS and think it deserves all the attention we can get for it. So, that being said please take a sec and place your vote in this year's Music Poll. Also, if you would be so kind as to pass this on to anyone who may also be inclined to help the cause. Thanks so much for your continued support, love, and friendship!


album of the year: BIG BOLD LETTERS
artist of the year: cw8
best punk band: cw8 (i know, we're not punk)
best female vocalist: stella maxwell
hall of fame: cw8 (10 years yo!)


Tue, Jan 13 2009
Posted by dave

good news/ bad news.

unfortunately, Dynamite Boy had to cancel for the show this friday at Red 7. Sean messed up his finger pretty good, and thus won't be able to shred your faces off like usual. don't fret, its just a postponement.

the good news is... we're still doing the show... AND IT's FREE!!!!!!!!

Say Hello To The Angels

this Friday, Jan. 16th @ Red 7
free admission for 21+
5 bucks for under 21

thats right, WINTER BALL. we're dressin up, so should you. it will be an enchanting night of dancing, drinking, and free-ness.

hope to see you all out!
love, cw8

happy new year!

Mon, Jan 05 2009
Posted by dave

hey everyone,
hope you had a fantastic holiday season. we've got a handful of killer shows all over Texas coming up in the next couple of months, so do yourself a favor and scroll on down to our "TOUR" section and check it out!


Letters to Cleo reunion showS!!!!

Tue, Dec 09 2008
Posted by Stella

Urny and I are in Boston to see our friends (and rock legends,) Letters to Cleo play two reunion shows at their old stomping ground, the Paradise Rock Club. They've been one of my favorite bands for over a decade, despite the fact that they broke up a while back, before I ever got a chance to see them live. Last night was amazing- they played a really long set, and Kay, (the singer, who helped co-write "Sustainer" with us, along with her husband/guitarist, Mike,) gave a shout-out to Cruiserweight in the middle of their hit, "Awake." Stacy, the drummer, (whose name you might recognize as having produced our latest album,) kicked a whole bunch of ass, along with the rest of the band. I gotta tell ya... I got a little misty-eyed while I watched them play all the amazing songs that helped inspire me to be in a band myself. Does this qualify as Cruiserweight news? Maybe not, but I just wanted to share about the great time we're having. p.s. If you're one of the few who isn't familiar with how incredible LTC is, then GET LEARNT!!!

home sweet home

Tue, Dec 02 2008
Posted by dave


we've just gotten home from an amazing tour with The Pink Spiders and Mondo Primo! our thanks go to a handful of cities for showing us such a great time: austin, orlando, baltimore, boston, cleveland, and chicago... you rule the school.

we're celebrating our return with a killer show this saturday at the Red Eyed Fly here in austin. bring it!

omg, it's cold!

Sun, Nov 16 2008
Posted by urny

hey guys,

we're finally in the northeast and goodness gracious it's cold! (certainly for texas kids, like ourselves) the tour is going great! we're having a blast with mondo primo and the pink spiders. in addition to the tourblog that mondo primo is keeping up with, there is a new video tourblog coming your way. the first installment features footage from the halloween cd release party in austin and will be going up on purevolume.com shortly, so stay tuned for those updates and brace yourself for the hilarity that follows...

lurv ya!

On tour now!!!

Sun, Nov 09 2008
Posted by cw8

we're in the middle of our tour with P!nk Sp!ders and Mondo Pr!mo.. and we're having a blast! check out our TOUR section to see when we'll be in a city near you...

also, the Mondo Pr!mo boys have been kind enough to start up a tour blog that they update daily, so come take a peek...


hugs and kisses.


Sun, Nov 02 2008
Posted by dave

thank you so much to all of you for making our CD release show amazing. we had a really great time, and are so happy we could send yogi off with a bang!

now we're hittin the road! we'll be playing in the southeast, the east coast, and the midwest in the next several weeks... so click on the TOUR section and see when we'll be in a city near you. hope to see you all out!

love, cruiserweight


Thu, Oct 23 2008
Posted by urny

Hey gang, in case you've been living under a rock lately....

Our new album, BIG BOLD LETTERS, came out recently and we're celebrating the occasion with a cd release party in Austin at our old stomping grounds, Emo's. Also joining us that night are longtime friends, Driver F, and tourmates, Mondo Primo and Pink Spiders. The Lone Star Rollergirls will also be in tow that evening with all sorts of Halloween fun! Sadly, this will also be Yogi's last show with us, so definitely come help send him off with a bang!

Advance tickets are available for $10:


Tickets at the door will be $12.

Show starts at 8:00. Be there!

Wylie Maercklein

Wed, Oct 15 2008
Posted by cw8

hey everybody!

just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our good friend, Wylie, for all of the awesome photography work he's been doing for us. check out his website! -


3 New Video Blogs!!!

Sun, Oct 12 2008
Posted by cw8

Hey CW8, whacha doin? Well friend, we're on tour.. wanna see? Scroll down and check out our video section... we've just added 3 new Cruiserweight Video Blogs.

Oh P.S. We have a new album out. It's called Big Bold Letters. Scroll up and click on the link to our online store and get yo copy!


Mon, Oct 06 2008
Posted by cw8

thats right! our brand new album BIG BOLD LETTERS is out today! woohoo!!!! available in stores, online, and on iTunes.

also, have you checked out our tour dates? we're all over the place!

AND, today we are also announcing the official release of the CW8 Super Fan Lunchbox!!!! here are the details:

- a limited edition cruiserweight lunchbox (only 200!!!)
- a BBL bonus disc with 3 brand new songs that you won't find anywhere else.. not even on our new album!
- a vintage cw8 poster, signed by the entire band!
- and a boatload of cw8 swag like buttons, stickers, patches, and more!

how much do you love cruiserweight? visit the merch store!


Tue, Sep 30 2008
Posted by cw8

thats right! our new album BIG BOLD LETTERS comes out one week from today! but you can preorder your copy right here:

p.s. have you checked out our tour dates lately?
p.s.s have you checked out our new merch store lately?

new song up on myspace!

Wed, Aug 27 2008
Posted by cw8

hey everyone!

so as you know, our brand new album, BIG BOLD LETTERS, comes out Oct. 7th!! we thought it would be fun to post one new song on our myspace from the album every week until the release... so.... without further ado.... for your listening pleasure... cruiserweight proudly presents....

"Distraction" !!!!

put on your seat belt, take a deep breath, and come rock your face off.....


don't be alarmed.

Tue, Aug 19 2008
Posted by dave

so a few days ago we posted a bizillion tour dates... you may notice that they're no longer here. fear not. the powers that be preferred that we don't post them until all the cities and dates are set in stone. rest assured, we'll be bouncing around all of those areas. keep checking back with us... we'll have it all confirmed and posted very very soon.

CD Release Show and Tour Dates Out the Wazoooo!

Sat, Aug 16 2008
Posted by dave

hey everyone...

so, we just posted A BILLION tour dates... go check 'em out! at the moment there are a handful of TBAs, you might notice. keep checking back with us... we'll be filling in that info as it comes in, as well as adding even more dates and more cities. whoa.

also, our new album, BIG BOLD LETTERS, comes out Oct. 7th!!! we'll be out touring like crazy around that time, so we're waiting to have our massive Austin CD release show on Halloween night! Emos. Mainstage. Pink Spiders. Mondo Primo (formerly Feable Weiner). Halloween. Awesome.

cw8 VIDEO BLOG #3 !!!

Mon, Aug 04 2008
Posted by cw8

the third installment of the cw8 video blog is up and running! check it out:


hellz yeah!

Sun, Jul 27 2008
Posted by dave

we had a blast in Dallas and Little Rock this past weekend.. thanks for coming out! if you haven't already noticed, we're adding shows like crazy! there are still more to come, so keep checking back...

on that note, we just added a show in Sept. with one of our favorite bands, SAMIAM!!! just in case you've been living in a cave for the past decade, get rocked:


new! new! new!

Tue, Jul 08 2008
Posted by cw8

hey eveyone,

epidode #2 of the new Cruiserweight Video Blog is up!... check out some footage from our show this past weekend at Exit Fest @ Waterloo Park.

also, we've got new tour dates! we're still in the process of firming up some shows, so keep checking back with us, as we'll be adding more and more in the next few weeks.

and finally, we're throwing up some very new, and very old pictures in the photo section here at cruiserweight.com.... check 'em out!


Sustainer Live at Red Eyed Fly!

Mon, Jun 30 2008
Posted by cw8

New video just uploaded! "Sustainer" Live at Red Eyed Fly! Enjoy!

dudes. seriously. thank you.

Sun, Jun 29 2008
Posted by dave

hey everyone,
the shows this weekend in Austin and Denton were a blast, thank you all so much for coming out and rockin with us. a special mention has to go out to the group up front in Austin on friday... you know who you are... your shenanigans truly MADE the show, and we hope to see you all out again.

p.s. as i'm sure you've noticed, we've got this new website and myspace goin, and are in need of some new pictures. so please don't hesitate to email us some photos from shows!

thanks again everyone.

Rocks the Moon review on Punktastic.com!

Mon, Jun 23 2008
Posted by CW8

Check out the awesome review we got on Punktastic.com!


Now go buy your copy of Cruiserweight Rocks the Moon on ITunes!

CW8 Vlog - Episode #1: Dave on Dave

Sat, Jun 21 2008
Posted by dave

Today we are officially launching the brand new Cruiserweight video blog. ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out...


Don't laugh, it's not funny.

Buy Rocks the Moon now!

Mon, Jun 16 2008
Posted by cw8

The Cruiserweight Rocks the Moon e.p. is officially up for sale on ITunes! Download your copy for only $2.99! WOW!

Welcome to the future...

Fri, Jun 06 2008
Posted by cw8

...and the future is now.

Just posted the AMAZING video for our cover of American Girl.

Nothing else is to say. Just watch.

then go vote:


I Smell Beans

Thu, May 29 2008
Posted by yogi

Check out this really cool blog I found. Even the UK loves them some CW8. Thanks Jay!


Stella on ESPN's Sportscenter

Mon, May 19 2008
Posted by yogi

Well sort of...you can see her for about 1.3 seconds... While you watch, notice the time remaining counter. You'll see her hug Honey Homicide with about 1:28 remaining. Pretty cool. Also, Stella is on the poster for the next roller derby bout...

See the new poster!

Watch "You Don't Get It!" Live

Fri, May 16 2008
Posted by yogi

Yo dudes! We are currently on the front page of Clear Channel's New Music page...go watch us tear up the SXSW stage...


Hint: Scroll throught the artists to watch...


New Video!

Thu, May 08 2008
Posted by Cruiserweight

From our upcoming digital EP Rocks the Moon (out June 17), check out the new video.


Thank You, Austin!

Sun, Apr 27 2008
Posted by yogi

Thank you to everyone that came out to the Dynamite Boy reunion show last night! The show was amazing, and we had a blast!

For those of you that missed it, just know you missed Yogi hanging from the rafters, upside down playing the cowbell...(we need pics BTW-- cruiserweight@gmail.com)

Time to go rest...

CW8 interview on Dadlabs.com!

Wed, Apr 16 2008
Posted by yogi

So yeah, we did this amazing interview that got edited down to about 10 seconds during SXSW. We wish you could see it all, BUT you can at least see us play "Balboa" live in the studio. Since it is acoustic, and it was 10 am, I was drinking a beer with a stupid look on my face.



Cruiserweight Rocks the Moon!

Mon, Apr 14 2008
Posted by cw8

We are super pummped to announce, we will be releasing an I-tunes exclusive ep June 17, 2008.

This release will contain the songs "Balboa" and "Sustainer" from Big Bold Letters, as well as a cover of Tom Petty's "American Girl" and the video for "Balboa".

Prepare yourselves people of Earth...

City of Angels, BEWARE!!

Thu, Apr 10 2008
Posted by dave


so we drove for about 24 hours, straight from Austin to Los Angeles.... of course making a brief (3 hour) stop in Phoenix for some adult beverages.... ahem.

...and now we're here!...hanging with our good friends Kay Hanley and Michael Eisenstein. we're actually recording a sweet cover song today in their studio, which we plan to release soon on an EP, along with a few songs from our upcoming album. we're also filming today, so stay tuned for some webisodes and more info on the EP.

AND tomorrow (friday), we'll be rocking the stage with AMERICAN HI-FI at the Troubador here in LA. the show starts at 8pm, which gives you 27.5 hours from now to get there. it's gonna be a great time, so come on out!


L.A. here we come!

Wed, Apr 02 2008
Posted by yogi

We're heading to Los Angeles next week to play at the Troubador with American Hi-Fi! If you're in the area, come sing your asses off.

Get your tickets here!

Driver F + CW8 @ Stubb's!

Wed, Mar 26 2008
Posted by yogi

Our good friends Driver F are releasing "Chase The White Whale" on April 8th!

To celebrate the release, we will be sharing the stage at Stubb's on April 4th. Also rocking the house is Thee Armada & Kingsley!

To help get pumped for this show, go check out the new video for Driver F's "Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability" on thier myspace:


See you at the party, ATX!

Hear every song from BBL!

Fri, Mar 21 2008
Posted by yogi

That's Big Bold Letters...our new record. You can hear every song right now on our myspace. Go check it out.

SXSW - Thank you!

Sat, Mar 15 2008
Posted by yogi

For all of you that showed up to support, a huge thank you is in order. We had a great time last night!

For everyone that missed it- well, you really missed it.

Doghouse put on a killer showcase. All the bands were awesome. We had a blast. And Stella went for a swim! (we need pictures, cw8@cruiserweight.com)

Thank you SXSW. See you next year!

SXSW is here!

Thu, Mar 13 2008
Posted by yogi

That's right SXSW has arrived in Austin! We're playing Friday night at 9:30pm at Rio. Come on out!

South By Southwest 2008

Thu, Mar 06 2008
Posted by yogi

Cruiserweight will be playing the Doghouse Records Showcase this year at SXSW. The showcase is Friday, March 14 at Rio (Rio Grande & 4th). The show starts at 8pm, with Cruiserweight taking the stage around 9. Here's the details:

One night. One stage. Austin March 14th, SXSW:

Sleepercar, Limbeck, David Moore, Cruiserweight, Jet Lag Gemini, Mansions...

Come check out all the amazing bands from our label, and support CW8. It will be one hell of a night!


Mon, Jan 28 2008
Posted by yogi

Welcome to the new Cruiserweight.com! Our friends over at Team Doom hooked us up with this site, and we think they did a heck of a job!

Take a poke around and let us know what you think!

OH! And please sign up for the mailing list!

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